The University of Pretoria’s new Future Africa campus is the place where Africa’s leading scientists and scholars from across the world and from a broad range of disciplines come together to leverage the benefits of transdisciplinary research to address the grand challenges that face Africa and the world. Issues of critical relevance to Africa are tackled here: from sustainable development and good governance, citizen participation and human rights, to advancing innovation for the bioresource economy.

The Future Africa campus provides a dynamic living, learning and research environment where a community of scholars and other societal role players can engage to advance excellence in scholarship, dialogue and impact.

The Future Africa buildings and gardens were designed to revolve around a lifestyle of research excellence and collaboration while improving and redefining life in urban environments by diversifying existing city landscape norms.  The gardens are focused on the ability of the urban landscape to provide food for fauna and people, and will in so doing highlight not only the potentials that South African plants but also African plants can provide. The Future Africa landscape is a living and functional testament of a predominantly indigenous landscape as food resource, and how this resource can be utilised with plant species that have been carefully selected with this in mind.

The work at Future Africa is anchored by our commitment to the African continent, the belief that knowledge generation will be the foundation of development, and the recognition that this cannot be done in isolation.

To have substantive impact on the pressing issues facing society, Future Africa’s value proposition is to strengthen networks, and to mobilise human capital and talent to generate integrated knowledge that matters for Africa.

For more information, visit https://www.futureafrica.science/